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Closed for the season, see you in 2022!

Find us at our new location.
1815 E. Main St.
Across the parking lot next to KFC.

During severe weather or lightening we will close early for the safety of our customers and employees.

Offering seasonal greenhouses operation opening mid April (around the 26th every year depending on the weather) until the end of June. Since our first greenhouse in 1986, we have developed into a five large house operation.

Pam’s Greenhouses offers a selection of plants. We offer Annuals & Perennials, Trees & Shrubs, Roses, Pottery & lots of gardening supplies & insecticides, Garden Seeds, Miracle Grow Products, Potting Mix-Manure, Top Soil, Mulch, and Rock. We carry Chef Jeff brand vegetables.


We are always on the lookout for unique, and fun items to make your shopping experience the best! We get a great joy watching a customers’ face light up when they see something new and exciting. This is what makes their shopping experience special. It’s what we are all about.


Quality and service is very important to us too. We always strive to offer our customers the very best in selection, but also quality. We want our products to look good and maintain the quality that we are proud of. Our employees have a special relationship with our customers. We both learn from each other whether it’s what flowers to plant, to secrets in keeping away unwanted pests. Attend one of our classes that we offer and learn much more!

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Located at 1815 E. Main St., Reedsburg, Wisconsin • (608) 768-2837
Open 7 Days a week from 8:00am-8:00pm including holidays