Frozen Foods Aisle

Our Frozen Foods department went through an extensive change for the better in 2019.

The new 51 doors of very energy efficient freezers span across the south wall of the store. Even we have to admit it’s a pretty impressive sight. What’s even more impressive is the selections you’ll find inside.

The extra wide aisle is a breeze to shop even on the busiest days. As always, Viking Village Foods looks for new ways to make shopping with us a true pleasure.

Frozen Foods Aisle

Understanding the options many customers are looking for today, we’ve expanded our vegan offerings as well as having gluten-free and organic sections.

Frozen treats and ice creams from all over including many made here in Wisconsin have also been given more space and new items. Other areas have been expanded such as: frozen appetizers, fruits and veggies, desserts, breakfast foods and meals, make finding what you’re looking for a sure bet. The frozen pizza section alone has an awesome amount of choices, including locally produced products such as Trail Break pizzas from LaValle.

Looking for a frozen item you just can’t seem to find? Just ask someone for help.
If we don’t currently carry the item we will check to see if we can order it for you.
Or send us a line from our New Item Request Form.